Improve Your Wellbeing and Enhance Your Life

If you’re looking to improve your wellbeing and enjoy life more, I offer an Inspiration Hour to discuss the benefits of mindfulness and how mindfulness practices can help you live a more enjoyable, fulfilling life.

An Inspiration Hour gives us the opportunity to ensure that we’re a good fit and that you’re happy that I offer what you’re looking for from a course in Mindfulness.

A One-to-One Inspiration Hour is for you if you want to:

  • Understand how mindfulness can improve your physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Learn how mindfulness techniques can reduce your stress levels and help you feel calmer and more confident
  • Find out how mindfulness practices such as meditation, breathing, movement, journaling and exercises can help you feel happier and enjoy life more

If you want to improve your wellbeing and lead a happier, more fulfilling life, my 6 week course will give you a sound understanding of mindfulness approaches and how formal and informal mindfulness practices can help you live a more enjoyable, fulfilling life.

We’ll work together in areas that are important to you, helping you to feel better and enjoy life more.

A Customised Course in Mindfulness is for you if you want to:

  • Reduce and prevent feelings of anxiety, fear and discontentment
  • Improve your physical and emotional health and wellbeing
  • Boost your levels of concentration and enhance your memory
  • Positively change the way you approach challenging situations and respond to difficult events
  • Find new sources of resilience, happiness and calm in your life
  • Live a more enjoyable, appreciative, attentive and fulfilling life
  • Discover a range of mindfulness techniques and practices, including meditation; daily mindful activities; mindful movement and eating; journaling and other practises that can be incorporated into your daily life easily and enjoyably
  • Raise your confidence and experience fewer negative thoughts
  • Increase your attention and focus
  • Improve your relationships and the way you communicate

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