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After 20 years in the fast-paced and competitive automotive industry, and 10 years into running my own business, I discovered Mindfulness. And it has been one of the most positive changes I have made to my life; a change that has benefitted me in so many different ways; my wellbeing, my relationships, my businesses and in my overall enjoyment of life and all that it has to offer.

I know what it feels like to feel out of place and overwhelmed and how those beliefs shaped my life; my work style, my relationships, my attitude and my decisions, and limited what I felt was possible for me.

During challenging times and difficult situations, mindfulness practice has helped me remain calm, resilient and focused while improving my ability to reduce conflict and increase productivity. I want to pass this on to individuals and organisations who I know can benefit from practicing mindfulness as much as I do.

I am also very aware of how great it feels to be confident, optimistic, healthy, happy and on the journey to realising my dreams, and enjoying that journey, while living and working in a way that I love.

My experience working in the automotive and property industries has exposed me to a wide variety of stresses and strains in the workplace, and never more so than now.

With many people trying to cope with the changes, anxiety and uncertainty they’ve experienced through the Coronavirus Pandemic, along with changes in the way we work, reductions in workforces, increases in workload for those remaining and an even greater need for improved efficiency and productivity to deliver reduced costs and increased profits, it is evident that organisations need to place the mental health of their staff at the forefront of their wellbeing strategies.

My unique approach combines my experience as an executive working with a range of brands and companies and a business owner operating in a tough industry with mindfulness techniques and transformational coaching to help individuals and organisations improve wellbeing, achieve balance in all areas of life, reduce anxiety, particularly in the workplace, realise potential and achieve personal and professional growth.

I’m passionate about working with individuals and organisations who want to make significant changes and recognise the benefits that mindfulness practices can offer, particularly when combined with transformational coaching, especially when supported with empathy and guided with expertise.

If you’re planning on making a career change or lifestyle shift, starting a new business or growing your current business, with the desire to transform your future, realise your dreams and fully enjoy your life, I’d love to talk to you.

I'm registered on the Mindfulness Teachers Register and I trained at the UK College of Mindfulness Meditation as a Mindfulness Now practitioner. I'm bound by their code of ethical standards and engage in regular supervision and CPD.

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